Uh oh, the girl is officially 27. Another birthday in the books and I thank God that I'm lucky enough to see another year! Goodness so much has happened and changed in my life since my last update (more than a year ago 😔 let me do better this year). A much happier person than that person I used to be... posting those sad-who-hurt-you mixtapes that you can find in blog posts below. lol Who was I?

Anyways, 27 birthday resolutions to myself: 1) Remember Fran, put God first. Say your grace! 2) For the sake of the relationship, let it go. 3) Cut back on the oreo cookie ice cream shakes, brownies, cookies, and candy. 4) Run more, let's try for 10 miles this year. 5) Walk to work more. 6) Repeat after me: Snacking is not your favorite past-time. Snacking is not your favorite past-time. Snacking is not your favorite past-time. Remember that, and resist. 7) Call the fam more. 8) Reach out to my friends more. 9) Write more physical letters to the people you care about. 10) Fall more in love, daily. 11) Stop saying yes to every last minute project. 12) Remember your bandwidth and keep your sanity. Is the stress worth it? 13) Don't be intimidated by a project you've never done before, you got this. 14) Still procrastinating Fran? This ain't college, get it together. 15) Find motivation and inspiration in everything and everyone. 16) 5 year plan, business-for-myself plan, let's work on that. 17) Take a class, better your skills. 18) Design a poster. 19) MORE VIDEO! 20) ACTUALLY EDIT THE VIDEO! lol 21) Start a new mixtape series. 22) Don't neglect the blog Fran, update your work. 23) Find a better way to present your portfolio work. 24) Be brave, "work from home" more. 25) Vacay more. 26) Give thanks - always. 27) Keep speaking the good into existence.

Lastly, thank you Eddy for the amazing birthday photos that you've done every year since 2013. I appreciate you, your talent, and your creativity. You make magic happen! Thank you again.

Frances Shaw